Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun in the sun :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Christian and Jacob are really bonding and falling in love with each other. Christian is no longer only looking to me for affection. He gets so excited to see his big brother. They are playing very well together and Jacob is very protective of his little brother. Just yesterday he told me that he loves his baby brother so much.

Christian has begun trying to repeat everything we say. I believe that he understands most of what is said to him. He follows most commands given to him. I am amazed by how much he has learned in such a short amount of time. Christian was having some digestive issues, but that seems to be settling down a bit. I guess his little body has to acclumate itself to so many new things. I am trying to keep his diet simple and add new foods slowly.

This past week I got a new camera and I am just learning how to use it. Hopefully, I'll master it soon and there will be many beautiful pictures on my blog. For now, enjoy my practice pictures :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Christian has been with his family for 5 weeks now and in his forever home for 3 weeks. So, how are we doing? We are doing just fine!

Christian doesn't have panic tantrums anymore :). He just gets upset for usual 2 year old when he's tired, hungry, wet...etc and is easily comforted.

Christian feeds himself with a spoon/fork! One day he just took the spoon from me and he has been feeding himself ever since. Last night he mixed his noodles with his bluberry yogurt and had blue noodles.

Christian LOVES his mamma! I've been venturing away from home for a couple of hours a day. When I get home he giggles, kicks his feet and gives me the sweetest baby kisses.

Christian LOVES his daddy! Daddy is the funest...they play "monsters" and "hide n go seek".

Christian LOVES his big brother! Their relationship took a big leap forward when they started taking baths together! So cute! Christian greets big brother with a big hug when he gets home from school.

Christian sings! He was singing the theme to Bob the Builder yesterday. It took Jacob and I a little time to recognize it (sorta sounded like Chinese), but we did.

These things are so important and we are so blessed that our bonding is progressing. We are so madly in love with this precious little boy. He talks to us constantly in Chinese. Some of the things he tells us seem pretty important to him and they are said with such urgency.

There is a Chinese lady here in town who is teaching Chinese at a middle school. We will be in contact with her and hope that she will come and spend some time with us so we can know what our boy is so urgently trying to tell us.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two Weeks Home

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Turning the corner....

We've had 3 good days in a row. I think the tantrums are done! Praise God!

We have a happy,playful baby. Christian is interacting with Daddy again and discovering how much fun he is. They both giggled for the longest time last night. He is also much less clingy and prefers to play on his own rather than have me hold him all the time.

On Monday and Tuesday we had some medical testing done and Christian tolerated it quite well. His ultrasound revealed that all of his internal organs are normal. We are waiting for the final results on the blood work, but he seems to be a healthy boy. He is even less and less itchy, which is making bedtime better. He was scratching himself to sleep. I think it was a combination of his rash and self-soothing behavior. We are hoping that his skin condition is due to poor nutrition/water in China and it will clear up in time.

Jacob is also enjoying playing with his little brother.

Saturday, May 1, 2010