Friday, July 24, 2009

It's been a lonnnnngggggg time.....

I just realized it's been a very long time since I've posted.

I am having the vacation blues right now. EVERYONE is going somewhere :(...we have decided to forgo vacation this year as we need to conserve our $$ and our time off for baby boy). We just have to keep focused..they are going to places near and far, but we get to go to CHINA and we will receive the best gift of all!!

Baby boy's adoption....homestudy done, all dossier documents/pictures, etc submitted, fingerprinting appointment requested and granted!! We will travel to New Orleans on August 7th. Once we get our UCSIS approval our dossier will be sent to China (DTC) and then all we'll have to do is wait (the hardest part).

We've also sent our precious son a couple of care packages and received some updated pictures of him. I think I'm ready to share them...I happen to think he is the cutest little thing! So does his big brother!


Referral Picture...yep, he's a the pink shirt! Beautiful soulful eyes!

His eyes alot like Jacob's

We weren't sure this was the same baby, he's grown up so much. But, there they are, those precious eyes. He looks so big in here, but actually he is a tiny boy.
Here he is at about 15 months old. We can't wait to get him home!

We're coming baby boy!!

We hope you've enjoyed the pictures of our son. Please keep praying for our family!