Saturday, June 28, 2008

We had a tough week!

My sweet, affectionate loving child did some not so sweet and loving things this week. I think it actually started last week.

When I picked him up from school Friday he told me that one of the boys in his class hit him and it hurt. We talked about it a little and I thought it was forgotten.

I was wrong. When I picked him up on Monday his progress report had a :( on it. He had been hitting the boy that hit him on Friday. He was even throwing toys at him. I punished him from watching Max and Ruby (his favorite cartoon which he watches in the evening before dinner). Ok, so he just had a bad day, we all have those.

He promised he would be a good boy on Tuesday, but it was not to be. Daddy picked him up on Tuesday and to his embarassment, the teacher told him that Jacob had choked one of his friends. WOW, where did he see/learn that??? We were at a loss! I wondered if maybe he was getting sick, are his shoes too tight??? These are the crazy things that went through my mind. I added his favorite toy to his punishment and we hoped for better on Wednesday.

On Wednesday when I picked him up from school I was presented with two slips to sign because Jacob had BITTEN TWO KIDS! What???? One of the kids was a boy that he plays with and sometimes they get physical. But, the other was a sweet little girl that he bit on the arm. His teacher called the little girl over and showed me the dental impression on her arm. I was horrified!! Jacob went up to her and kissed her on the bite. Daddy and I began to start questioning our parenting skills.

We were really at a loss. We have NEVER had a disipline problem with Jacob. I've read and go by the 1-2-3 Majic time out method. I even typed out the method and provided it to his teachers at school and they use it for Jacob too. I looked up aggressive toddler behavior on the internet which brought me some relief. It wasn't our fault, it's normal. We are already doing all of the things they suggested for curbing this behavior.

On Thursday morning daddy and I only asked him once if he would be a good boy, then we didn't talk about it anymore. On Thursday and Friday we got :)!!! YEAH! I bought him a new book as a reward for his good behavior.

WHEW, I hope we have a better week next week! :)