Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm using Santa!
Someone in my house tends to be a little "naughty" at times. He feels compelled to hit his classmates almost everyday (his teacher says he's never really hurt anyone). Not sure where this comes from, he is a perfect angel (*wink, wink*) at home. In a desperate effort to curb his "naughty" behavior I've told him that Santa is watching him. Further, if he keeps hitting his friends Santa won't bring him the the Thomas chew chew train he so desires. His reply to this revelation was, "but mom, Santa is at his house?" I explained that Santa has super powers and is able to see EVERYTHING he does.
This morning when we were getting ready for school, I reminded him that Santa was watching. His reply today was, "but mom, I didn't hit anybody with my color box yesterday". Hmmm...now he's taken up lying!!! :)
If this works, I guess we'll have to have the same talk about the Easter Bunny!

P.S. In good old Catholic guilt fashion, his Daddy reminded him that "Baby Jesus" was watching too!


Vanessa said...

I had to LOL about the color box!! This is so something my little Olivia would tell me!! I hopw he does better soon! Afterall Santa is watching:)