Saturday, August 22, 2009


We thought we were getting our approval from Immigration, instead, we got a request for more information...URRRR!!

Apparently some items in our homestudy were not worded exactly as required. Our social worker isn't in her office on Friday afternoon, so we wait until Monday.

Our adoption agency said it should be an easy fix and our dossier should be in China in the next couple of weeks. They also said we should expect to be approved and in China for pickup before his second birthday!

We have been concerned about a TB test that is required (for all children over the age of two) in order to issue their visa to enter the United States. If the adopted child tests positive there is a regimin of treatment that takes from 3-6 months to complete before the visa can be issued. That means that your adoption is final, but your child is not permitted to enter the United States. Therefore, you have to either stay in China with your child for treatment or arrange for care and leave your child in China and return for pickup when they are deemed clear. There is much concern about this because there is a required vaccination that causes the TB skin test to appear positive. If the test is positive a chest x-ray is done to determine if the child has TB.

We would like our son home ASAP and it sure would be nice to avoid the stress of having to comply with this requirement.

Thanks for following our story and, as always, your prayers mean the world to us.