Saturday, February 6, 2010


588 Mardi Gras T-Shirts Sold!

We are so totally blown away! For Jacob's adoption we sold just under 200 t-shirts. At the time I was working someplace with many employees and everyone supported us in our adoption. I currently work in an office with about 20 employees, so I didn't expect to sell as many shirts this time.

When our friends and family found out about our fundraiser many of them asked for their own order forms to sell to their friends and co-workers. Last night I compiled our master order and was in shock when the grand total was reaching over 400. When I was done, I totalled the column and saw the 588 number!! Through the generosity of a local businessman (Lenni Lipari, Action Specialties) we made over $2600 on our fundraiser!

That's HALF of our orphanage donation!!

The t-shirts are so beautiful and we can't wait to go to the parades this year. We hope to meet some of the people that supported our adoption.


(Let the good times roll)



Vanessa said...

That's absolutely wonderful news!! God really does provide!! Now if the black and gold pull it off on Sunday you have to get some of those kinds of shirts printed to raise that other half!! HUGS