Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Little Bit of China...In Louisiana

As we wait for our travel approval (I am guessing we will be in China in early May) I was browsing through some pictures. A couple of years ago we spent our anniversary at Avery Island. This is the private island purchased by the McIllhenny family. The McIllhenny company produces Tabasco hot sauce.

Mr McIllhenny had a great admiration for China and built a beautiful Chinese garden around his home. The climate in Southwestern Louisiana is very similar to the climate in the Hunan province of China. So, everything in baby Christian's world will be changing, except the humidity :).

I've uploaded a few of the images from that beautiful October day a couple of years ago.

Above is the plant where the Tabasco products are made

This is a gift shop on the grounds


Courtney said...

Your little boys are so cute!
I can't wait to follow your journey to China!

Courtney B.
Prairieville, LA