Saturday, May 15, 2010


Christian has been with his family for 5 weeks now and in his forever home for 3 weeks. So, how are we doing? We are doing just fine!

Christian doesn't have panic tantrums anymore :). He just gets upset for usual 2 year old when he's tired, hungry, wet...etc and is easily comforted.

Christian feeds himself with a spoon/fork! One day he just took the spoon from me and he has been feeding himself ever since. Last night he mixed his noodles with his bluberry yogurt and had blue noodles.

Christian LOVES his mamma! I've been venturing away from home for a couple of hours a day. When I get home he giggles, kicks his feet and gives me the sweetest baby kisses.

Christian LOVES his daddy! Daddy is the funest...they play "monsters" and "hide n go seek".

Christian LOVES his big brother! Their relationship took a big leap forward when they started taking baths together! So cute! Christian greets big brother with a big hug when he gets home from school.

Christian sings! He was singing the theme to Bob the Builder yesterday. It took Jacob and I a little time to recognize it (sorta sounded like Chinese), but we did.

These things are so important and we are so blessed that our bonding is progressing. We are so madly in love with this precious little boy. He talks to us constantly in Chinese. Some of the things he tells us seem pretty important to him and they are said with such urgency.

There is a Chinese lady here in town who is teaching Chinese at a middle school. We will be in contact with her and hope that she will come and spend some time with us so we can know what our boy is so urgently trying to tell us.


The Aucoin's said...

Awww so sweet~ I am so happy he is adjusting so well. Hope to see yall again soon!