Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three months ago today.....

We returned home from China with our precious little boy. So much has changed since then, it is amazing what love and trust can do for a child. We no longer have that little boy with such fear in his eyes (his whole body, really). He no longer has muscle definition in his abdomen from crying so violently many hours during the day. You can no longer see his little ribs from the front and back of his body. His skin is no longer dry itchy and more like an alligator than a baby.

Christian is now sweet, loving and full of joy. He is such a blessing to our family. Jacob tells me every day how much he loves his baby brother. It's hard to remember the time without our sweet little Christian.

Our first moments together

First week home

Last weekend with his Nannie, Parrain and baby Aydin


The Aucoin's said...

Wow, you can really tell a big difference in the pics alone. He is so happy now and he sure loves his mommy!! We love you guys!