Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are you adopted???

This weekend we were with lots of people we didn't know previously. As I said in my post on Monday, Jacob was quite the celebrity. One afternoon all of the kids were playing. The kids were all older than Jacob (between 7-9 years old). One of the little girls asked me, "my mom says Jacob is that true?" I replied that yes, he was adopted. They all nodded and as I walked away I heard them asking each other, "are you adopted?"

I am so grateful that Jacob will grow up in a world that accepts adoption. I remember when I was growing up, being adopted was viewed as negative. Many children were never told that they were adopted and found out in adulthood. How difficult that must be to deal with. I hope to always do the "right thing" when it comes to helping Jacob through the struggles in his life.

My baby already *knows* he is adopted. While we were waiting to bring him home from Guatemala a dear friend of mine who is adopted gave me the most wonderful gift. A little golden book called, A Blessing From Above. It's been our bedtime story since the day Jacob came home from Guatemala.

May God bless all of those that are touched by this wonderful gift called adoption.