Thursday, May 15, 2008

Catching up......up to now!

As I said yesterday, our adoption journey was 2 years ago!! It seems like we just picked up Jacob from Guatemala yesterday!!! That September day was one of the best of our lives. The feelings are indescribable. We had prepared so well for this day, yet it still seemed like a dream.

Once we were back in our hotel room alone with our son the reality that he was really ours began to set in. When we landed at home a few days later it was real, our new lives began. Jacob was 9 months old when he came home. Bonding was one of my main concerns, but we bonded as a family very easily. Sure, there were changes, MAJOR changes in our lives, but they were so very joyful. We spent time with Jacob seperately to facilitate his bonding to each of us individually. I was home with him for a week, then Charles was home with him for the next week. We did this for 6 weeks. I think, in retrospect, this was a very wise thing to do. Each day we would recount to each other the special things we experienced with our new son.

Jacob was perfectly healthy and on target for his age. He was a little small (only 17 pounds at 9 months old), but that is usually the case with Guatemalan children. He has grown stedily since then and is the same size as most 2 year olds. We are currently working on potty training, which has been a little bit of a challenge. Jacob hs breezed through all other milestones..teething, feeding himself, crawling, walking, big boy bed.

We marvel everyday in the joy this child brings to our lives.