Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun Weekend

Saturday we went to the Games of Acadiana and had a great time!

Jacob tried to "lasso" a calf! He was so funny, he would swing the rope over his head just like the other kids, but when it was time to try and rope the calf, he would forget to let go of the rope.

He was so funny!

Potty Update
I think he's doing great, but this is my first potty training adventure!
He has been dry all night every night for the past 3 weeks!
He is now only messing up one pair of shorts at school per day!
Not bad for his 3rd week in
I tell him that the pee pee people are in his tummy and they need to go home. Of course, the way they get home is to flush!
I know I'm weird, but it's working great!