Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mothers The World Needs

Mothers with courage; mothers who pray,
these are the kind the world needs today.
Mothers who think, who study and plan;
mothers who laugh as much as they can, having the gift that is better than money- the habit of seeing that some things are funny.
Mothers whose faith never wavers or falters;
mothers whose spirits the world never alters;
loving the right and scorning the wrong; facing the problems of life with a song.
Mothers whose bravery transcends their fears;
winning the battle with patience and tears;
never submitting to weakness or sin-
storming heaven's gates till the children are in.
Mothers heroic, not guilty of whining;
hands graced with service and faces with shining.
Mothers of purity, virtue and faith,
steadfast in life and triumphant in death;
looking beyond the dark pathway of sorrow,
seeking a home in God's joyous tomorrow,
leading the children; pointing the way-
these are the mothers, the world needs today!

- Kathryn Blackburn Peck
**This is the mother I strive to be to Jacob everyday**
I love you so much little man


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