Monday, October 20, 2008

Ever wonder what life is like in Southwest Louisiana

These beautiful images were taken on Avery Island, Louisiana. This property is where the McIllhenny family lives and began their business, Tabasco.

Every single bottle of Tabasco sauce is produced in this plant on Avery Island. They bottle 7000 bottles of Tabasco sauce every weekday. They, of course, don't work on Sunday as much of the population of our area is Catholic.

Yep, we have lots of bamboo in SW Louisiana.

There is a centries old Buddah in this little building. Mr McIlhenny brought it here in 1932 to enhance his Chinese garden.

A closer look


We've taken this tour more than a few times. This time there weren't as many flowers as I've seen in the past, but it was so beautiful anyway. We also saw some downed trees and we didn't see as many egrets (the white swamp bird you see in the picture above) which is probably due to Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. I hoped you enjoyed this little "window" into our world.


Vanessa said...

Too cool! Gotta love Louisiana!!

Michelle Riggs said...

Beautiful pictures.