Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vanessa at "Mommy's Little Blessings" posted 10 random things about Arianna (her daughter from Guatemala) I really enjoyed. She didn't tag me, but I've tagged myself :). So.....

10 Random Things about Jacob

1. He is an awesome sleeper. Sometimes at night he even lets us know he's ready for bed. He says his prayers and he's off to drama. Sometimes he asks for, "5 minutes?", but goes willingly when 5 minutes are up

2. He sleeps with a hard, pointy plastic dinosoar. We have no idea why, he insists that he "needs" it

3. He loves to drink water. Rarely asks for juice (apple only)

4. He plays ROUGH! He's all boy

5. He flirts with girls! This is hilarious.....usually starts with "Hi"

6. His favorite food is chicken with rice n gravy

7. He likes to follow his Daddy EVERYWHERE...usually right on his heels

8. He has 2 Nonnie's

9. He is FULLY potty trained YIPEE! (I guess he is, no accident in 3 weeks)

10. He LOVES to snuggle with Daddy and Mommy

I don't think I can tag anyone since I tagged myself :)


Vanessa said...

Of course you can tag someone!! To be quite honest I only tagged one person because I couldn't think of the exact blog addresses in time!! LOL!!
P.S. Can you teach me the secret to #1???

Spudsnsalsa said...

Sure you can tag...that's how we all get to meet! I'm here via the Rigg's but am also a friend to the bayou angel who posted above...who BTW is an insomniac and really could use tips on how to sleep:)!