Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mamma almost LOST IT!

Last night we went over to Jacob's Nannie and Parrain's (Godmother and Godfather)house. They have three boys (the twins are pictured in an earlier post...they were making cookies). We were sitting outside enjoying the beautiful evening and the boys were running around the back yard playing chase and hide n go seek.

I heard a thump, looked up and saw Jacob's head jolt backwards then the rest of his body followed and he fell backwards. It was just behind his Daddy, so he scooped him up and brought him into the house. He was crying so hard and kept asking for me. When I got to him I hugged him for a few seconds, then pulled back to look at his face. He looked blood, no scratches. Then he blinked and a tear of blood spilled out of his eye. I was terrified and almost passed out. My sister in law took over and wiped his face and applied ice to the area. He calmed down, but started crying again just a few moments later. This time he was crying because he wanted to go back outside to play.

As you can probably see from the pictures he has 3 or 4 tiny scratches just below his eyelashes. He ran into the edge of the bar b que pit. Thank God it didn't have a sharp corner edge!

He insisted on a Thomas bandaid. We told him he couldn't have it on his eye, so
he settled for the center of his forehead....silly boy!

I kind of expected him to wake up with a black eye. These pictures were taken this morning and as you can see he is just fine. THANK GOD!


Vanessa said...

Thank God there is no serious damage!! I think kids are trained to give us moms a hearta ttack or two in their lifetime!!