Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moving right along.....

Monday we had our physicals and our last home visit from our social worker. Now she has everything to start drafting the homestudy report. We're trying to get our dossier to China before July 31st. We humbly ask for your prayers for a smooth process and especially that our son is loved and well cared for in China.

Bedtime is very special for Jacob and his daddy. Daddy has been working out of town for the past two weeks, so mommy has been putting Jacob to bed. HE SAYS HIS OWN PRAYERS! It's so cute! He blesses himself first, then mommy, then birthmommy....etc, etc, etc. When I ask about blessing daddy he says, "oh, yeah, I forgot cause daddy's not here mommy".

This weekend was all about picnics! On Saturday was our company picnic and crawfish boil. The crawfish were big and very YUMMY! On Sunday was our "good old fashioned" church picnic. There were sack races, simon says, volleyball and many other "non-electronic" forms of fun! :)

Devon company picnic and crawfish boil

Jacob and his new friend Oscar

Oops, is it ok for Oscar to have ice cream?


Vanessa said...

Praying for a smooth process!!
I also wanted to let you know on May 30th we're going to have an adoptive family playdate!! 10am at the New orleans Audubon Zoo! Hope you can make it!!