Friday, May 22, 2009

On to a better place

A couple of months ago we decided that Jacob needed a dog. Well, actually, DH decided that Jacob needed a puppy. He had done his research and decided that a female, yellow lab was the best puppy for a little boy.

Jolie Blonde came to live with us at the end of February as a sweet little puppy. Well, 3 weeks later she was a dog....a big dog...that is very happy and content. She loved to play with Jacob. The only problem was that she weighed more than Jacob and when she liked to jump. After much consideration and Jacob being hurt, we decided Jolie wasn't right for our family.

We posted a message among our friends that Jolie was available to a good home. We didn't want to give her away to someone we didn't know. After a few weeks Jolie has moved on to her new family. She now lives with an awesome family that has a large yard (like ours) and two older kids. They love her so much and have promised to keep us updated on her.

We'll miss you Jolie, you are a good dog!