Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday

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The Funny, Cute & Endearing Ways We Say 'I Love You'

One day Jacob came up to me and said, "I wub wu boots". I said, "what? I'm not boots, I'm mamma" to which he replied, "mommy, I Dowa". He repeats this all the time, sometimes I even get to be Dora!


The Burk Family said...

Oh yes, the obsession with Dora the Explorer. I am WELL aware! Sometimes when the babies are doing something they're not supposed to. I become Swiper. As I hear, "Quick hide it, Swiper's coming!" Followed by "GO! Diego Go!" LOL
Very cute post!

Jarka said...

:) it´s so sweet! :) I really like that post :P