Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We are home from our trip to Colorado. We had a great time, but its good to be home. Why did the drive there seem so much shorter than the drive home? We were in the van about 21 hours both ways.

Jacob really didn't enjoy the cold weather. It was in the teens most of the days we were there. One day, though, it got up into the lower 40's and the boys enjoyed playing in the snow. Jacob was so excited to tell me that he was chasing his daddy and he caught him! They made snow angels and pelted each other with snowballs.

Christmas morning was fun because this year Jacob, "got it". Santa brought him that big chew chew train he asked for. He had some big boys to help him open his gifts too. We brought our nephew, Devin, with us and our nephew, Gavin, lives just down the street from Nonnie.

Below are some pictures of our trip. Enjoy