Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday

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Jacob is not a big fan of church. He freqently misbehaves, but he tolerates it.....as long as it's ONLY once a week.

A dear friend invited us to a blessing of the baby Jesus from our Nativity scene. It would be our first time attending this blessing ceremony which was on a Sunday afternoon. This particular Sunday morning, my baby boy was rather ummm.....challenging during mass. He was reprimanded which meant he probably didn't get his donut, which makes him rather unhappy.

He woke up from his nap just a few minutes before we were supposed to be at church for the blessing. He announced, "mommy, I want to go bye bye". Perfect, I thought, I put on his shoes and we were off. On the way I recited the names of all his friends that would be there and the closer we got the more excited he got.

As we pulled into the parking lot (we have only attended mass at this particular church once or twice) my sweet boy said, "HEY, THIS IS CHURCH"!!! "I NOT WANT TO GO TO CHURCH"!!! and he started crying. I wasn't about to set foot in that quiet church because I knew he would repeat his little montra at least a hundred times! Maybe we'll get our baby Jesus blessed next year!