Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun Day and We're Moving On

Sorry I wasn't able to send an update yesterday. It was a very tiring and difficult day. We visited Christian's orphanage and finding place in HengYang. We left early in the morning and traveled for almost 4 hours on bad roads to get there. We are very grateful that we were able to see what his life was like before he came to us. His nannies were very happy to meet his family, but it was hard for them to let him go. He was obviously very loved there.

Today we went to a local park which was more like a little amusement park. The grounds were beautiful with many trees and shrubs we have at home. We saw Magnolia trees, azaleas, camillia bushes. The climate here is very similar to ours, so apparently we share the same type of trees and flowers. The school children here get a recreation day once a month and they visit this park. I've attached a picture of some beautiful Chinese children enjoying their day as well as our beautiful boys having fun.

This afternoon we board a train for the next half of our China adventure. We are going to a city called Guangzhou and we will be staying at a hotel called the White Swan.

Enjoy the pictures, I will update from Guangzhou tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers, we are having a very good start to our bonding as a family.


The Aucoin's said...

It's great to see updated pictures of the family! I am so glad yall are having a great time.

Gardenia said...

you are a beautiful family together. I imagine the little guy enjoys having your older son there too. I'm praying for your family during this time of transition and love and hope!

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Hello...we also adopted from Hengyang SWI...I wish we could have seen the orphanage, but the drive and the schedule prevented us... Your family is beautiful!