Saturday, April 24, 2010

We're Home

After a very difficult 27 hour journey....we are home!

The train ride on Wednesday to Hong Kong was lots of fun! Our hotel was very nice and the view of Hong Kong was breathtaking. On Thursday morning we began our journey from Hong Kong to Newark, NJ. Christian wasn't very happy on the plane and cried for a few hours off and on. He was pretty much inconsolable, which was hard on mamma.

Immigration and Customs took a long time in Newark and we missed our flight to Houston. They re-scheduled us for the next flight which was about an hour and a half later. That flight was late getting off the ground in Newark and caused us to miss our flight from Houston to home. The next (and last for the day) flight to Lafayette was booked. I just about cried when I heard that news.

Thankfully, Christian's Godparents live in Houston and they came to pick us up at the airport. They even gave us their brand new truck so that we could drive home. We got home at 1:30 am on Friday. The trip home was long and difficult, but so worth the journey.

We are all still dead tired and the boys and I still have our days and nights mixed up. Daddy is doing much better than we are. That's probably good considering he'll be back at work Monday.

On our last day in Guangzhou we did the traditional red couch picture. We already miss the awesome families that shared this experience with us. Enjoy the pictures :)


Gardenia said...

welcome home, new family.

The Aucoin's said...

It was so great to see yall yesterday! Can't wait till we can see yall again soon.