Saturday, April 17, 2010

We're in Guangzhou

We're in Guangzhou.

The fast train was really nice. We enjoyed our ride very much. The only problem was that we only had 2 minutes to get onto the train with all of our luggage. A kind gentlemen helped us with one of our biggest bags and we made it onto the train in the nick of time.

Today Christian had his medical exam in preparation for receiving his visa to travel to the United States. Part of the process is insuring that he is fully vaccinated. Well, he had to get 5 shots and a TB test (which is another needle poke) this morning. He did much better then I expected. Actually, I've heard him cry much louder and with more force when we take something out of his hand. After his shots he was the happy boy that we've come to know.

There are so many adoptive families here. So far we've met families from Detroit, Colorado & California. We met a nice family who is adopting their 4th daughter through our agency. They have a set of twins from Korea. They are so cute. Jacob's preference was for blonds, but i think he is starting to have an eye for girls with black hair :)

This afternoon we are going to do some walking around and maybe a little shopping. I would like to get the boys some traditional Chinese outfits.

We took a couple of pictures today. Jacob really enjoys the yogurt here as you can see from the picture. The other picture is from Christians medical exam.


whtmtnmom said...

Congratulations, Alicia & boys!! I am so excited that you are experiencing the joy of adopting in China. I too am a China and Guate A-mom. Remember me from DeC??? Amy D. just sent me the link to your blog. My oldest dd is also from Hunan, so i was in Changsha 5 years ago and then Jiangsu province 1.5 years ago for our youngest dd. Middle dd finally came home from Guate last Sept. Since you posted the Barbie pic, you must be at the White Swan. Is it warm enough to swim? My kids all LOVED the curvy pool. Have a safe trip home and again, CONGRATULATIONS!!