Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starting our journey home

This afternoon we leave on a train to Hong Kong. We will spend the night there and our flight leaves at 10:30 tomorrow morning for Newark. We have had such a wonderful time here in China, we are a little sad about leaving. We have met some great families and shared many laughs. We will always treasure this experience and we are so grateful that we all were able to be together for these past two weeks. I think Jacob has learned so much.

For the past two days we've been walking all around the island. We went to a jade and pearl market (which was very crowded and not much fun). We found a store full of squeeky shoes! We are bringing some home for a friend that has a baby girl. They also make them for boys, but we weren't going to get some for Christian. When we got back to the room I put the pink ones on him and he LOVES them. They squeek every time he takes a step. He was jumping and giggling. So....we're off this morning to get him a pair.

The food here is absolutely delicious. We had a traditional Chinese meal on Monday night and it was awesome. Jacob's meal came with Sprite, so now everytime we sit down to eat he tells me, "I'm a big boy now, I drink Sprite". Ummmm.....don't think so :). Jacob has 4 new "girlfriends", I've attached a picture of him with a couple of them :).

I've attached a few pictures of the last few days. The waterfall is in the lobby of our beautfiul hotel.

Please keep us in your prayers as we begin our long journey home. I'll send another post from Hong Kong if I can. If not, we'll see ya'll soon. Thank you for your prayers.


The Aucoin's said...

We are definitely praying for your safe return! We can't wait to see yall!