Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Slowly, but surely

Christian is really having a difficult time. He is grieving pretty intensly, but it seems like he is crying less and less every day. Last night he went to bed without having a tantrum.

I am really getting to know him and it's getting easier for me to determine when he's getting overstimulated. We are trying to stay home, but there are things that we have to go out for. Yesterday we brought Jacob to school. He said he was ready and he missed his friends. I had to go into school with Jacob to pay his tuition and explain to his teacher that he may be overly tired or act out a little. While I was talking I noticed Christian was "zoning out". I left as soon as I could, but when we got home he had a tantrum that lasted 40 minutes. He fell asleep and slept for 3 hours. I had to wake him up because we had an appointment with the peditrician.

He woke up happy and I fed him lunch and whisked him off to the doctor's office. He was terrified at the doctor's office, so the exam wasn't as thourough as it should have been. He has gained 10 ounces since last week which is really good considering the calories he's been using for tantrums. The great news is that Dr Jude has confirmed that his heart sounds great and he does not have a heart murmur as was listed on his medical. Also, he doen't think that his dry skin condition is serious. He told me to continue treating him with Eucarin and it will probably go away. In China he was diagnosed with a skin condition called Ichydosis.

Even though the doctor's visit was stressful for him when we got home he was happy and we were even able to enjoy the beautiful weather on our front porch swing. Last night he really didn't cry very much at all at bedtime. He was up at 3am this morning though. He has a little belly ache. I really think we are making a some progress everyday.

The pictures are of Christian and his Godparents and Christian and I with our friend Mindy and her daughter, Paige. We met up with them on Sunday to return their truck.
Thank you for your continued prayers.


The Aucoin's said...

I am sure everyday will be better and better. He is such a happy little boy and yall are doing so great with him! Love yall!

Vanessa said...

Glad progress is being made!! He's going to do well over the course of time I am sure!!